iPhone 8

Screen Replacement


Don't waste your money on low quality screen repairs. 

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Battery Replacement


Running out of battery every few hours? It takes too much time to charge your battery? Replace your battery in no time.

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Charging Port Replacement


Do you fiddle with your charger every time? Does your phone charge at certain angle? Drop in to quickly replace your charging port

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Camera Replacement


Are you not able to catch special moments with your loved one? Is your camera clicking blurry photos? Fix your camera within few minutes.

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Speaker Replacement


Missing important calls, just because of ringer volume? Not able to enjoy music because of crackling sound. Drop in to fix your speaker and enjoy your music again

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Home Button Replacement


Missing those click on the home button. Not able to double click to use Multi-Tasking? Book Now and replace your home button in short time

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Proximity Sensor Replacement


Your phone starts touching in the background when you are on call? Come and fix your phone right away.

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Network/WiFi Repair


No internet? No WhatsApp? No Facebook? No Calls? Come in right away to fix internet issues on your phone

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Logic Board Repairs


Your mobile touch does not work. Having issues with the speaker? Mobile does not Power On? Drop in to get it fixed

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Sim Card Tray Replacement


Lost your Sim Card Tray? Don't worry we got you covered. Book Now and collect your Sim Tray.

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Water Damage


Did you accidentally drop your phone in water? Don't worry our 360 coverage will help you revive your phone. Book Now to get it fixed.

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